Saturday, June 7, 2014

Bah, Excuses!



I had perfect excuses going on this morning.  It was late (after 8am), had a late start and much to get done.  Farmers market was high on the list and a possible breakfast out.  Oh and walking with Leslie and getting the monthly challenge items done for today,

I started telling myself that I would get the challenge items done now and do the walk later.

We all know what would have happened.  No Walk.  I knew it.  Every time that side of me tried talking be through all that needed to be done, Do the walk Later, walk later.  Just do it later.

So I took charge, got changed and got my walk on. Earned my shower!

So I was a bit late getting the rest of the items on my list done.  I need to take care of ME first.

High notes:  Its been almost 2 weeks since I took charge again and already I can feel changes.  My face is feeling thinner, my forearms are feeling thinner.  I didn’t notice that type of change last year.

My main focus this month is the walking and my June Challenges.  Ive been doing pretty good at keeping up with the days.  Im a bit behind with squats (hehe) but for the most part Ive been doing the best I can to stay with the course.

How about you?

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Keeping it moving

A brief update of where things are at before I go fall into bed.
Work is crazy but even with that we’ve had just beautiful days.  You know the ones where its perfect and the sun is becoming you to come out and enjoy it and it really is warm not jus fooling you into going outside without at least a sweater and walking for more than 10 min isnt going to make you sweat like you’ve been in a race.
So Ive had to get out and revel in the wonderfulness of PNW spring – and take others out into it with me.
Walking has been going on, around the blocks of downtown we go.  Then, for most days so far, when I get home and after dinner has been made I get in another 3 miles.
Im getting 10k+ in steps daily now – WOOT!
Oh and still keeping up with the 30-day challenges.
And now Im off to bed!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Challenge Yourself

Ok  I still don’t have update pics – too lazy to keep the projects out and get the phone ready and then get everything just right and then the wait for the picture to be backed up to G+… the excuses go on and on.

For those.

But not for other things.

I let myself go a bit this year.  As of Dec, I had a great thing going.  Lost over 30 lbs and a good number of inches and then just blah. 

We started bringing animal protein back into the house, eating lots more pasta and I stopped moving.  Which got me growing (booooo!)

And as much as I want to blame the afore mentioned (and yummy) items it all comes down to the moving.  Or not moving in this case.

So on making no more excuses and just get MOVING!

Starting after Memorial day (cause that was a wonderful not doing anything day) I got moving.  In fact today marks 7 days of moving.

7 days of walking to Leslie Sansone 3 mile walk (heart healthy version), actually moving away from my desk – getting outside and walking around blocks.

I also started a few 30 day challenges on June 1 and today marks 2 days of doing these. 


(more can be found here

So my goal for June is a full 30 days of challenging myself. 

I cant wait to see what happens.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Good day today in that I took time out to Zen.  Two rows added to my tree bag and a corner completed in the ten-stitch afghan.

Also took time out and went for a walk with a friend before lunch.  Almost too cool (no coat) but as we were walking it kept us warm enough.  Cant get enough of that wonderful Sunshine!

I did get a pic of the bag.  You can see a bit of the tree below.


Going stripped is helping with the row count, the tree is about half done.

That’s all for today.  Off to Zen with my pillow

Sunday, May 18, 2014


While Im partially shocked its been almost a full month since Ive posted here, Im not surprised.  Its been a full month.

Work – this is where Ive been pretty much living the last month.  There are enough projects on my plate to keep 2 people very busy for the next 2 years but its getting crammed onto 1 person and everything is hitting at once to be completed close to the same time.

Thankfully I have walking and crafting to keep me sane.  Walking gets me out of the office/house and crafting gets me to a zen.

Im still knitting away, hardly picked up any cross stitch, and I need to get some pics done of what Ive been knitting on.

But until then I’ll just talk about them

Norse Runes – Working on the EI square.  Im still working out in my head how these all need to be strung together into a slightly larger blanket and as my gray matter is busy with work stuff, Im keeping to the ease of following an simple pattern and not worry about the stringing until later.

Ten-Stitch Blanket – I started this to use up all the yarn ends Ive got lying around. Some arent long enough to be used in a granny square but perfect for this.

Tree of Life Bag – I wanted a nice bag for the summer.  Now Im not sure if this will be completed for summer or if it will be as small-ish as Im hoping.  Time will tell.

Tea Cozy – not your normal tea cozy but D got the cutest small (4cup) tea pot and requested a cozy for it and this is what he picked out.  I started it yesterday as my first project using double knit but got confused on what needed to go where and ripped it all out.  I may just do it as a stranded project and do something else for a double knit.

Hope to share pics soon!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Clicking of needles

Ive been busy playing with needles and fibers but not with added bits of fabric.

Lots and lots of knitting

All the washcloths Ive created


A coaster (to use up a yarn remnant)


Latest Runes – C, D & E.  Ive also played with how best to connect the runes together and border but I havent liked any of the trials and have ripped all examples out.  All in good learning.


  and my latest creation from learning how to knit cables


This was a wonderful site to visit to learn from – knitting cables.

Other than working on more runes, Im planning on creating a felted bag, Tree of Life.  Learning cables was an important part of doing the bag.  So off I go!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Bucket List

Ive made the decision that what is needed to live for ever is to fill my crafting bucket list to over-full and to kit up enough projects that I can never die as you cant leave projects uncompleted.

What brought me to this you ask?  A couple of items really. 

D has demanded a Jayne Cobb Hat.  And to really make a good one, one must knit.  Sorry but any crochet version just wont cut it and the crochet patterns Ive seen arent Jayne’s Hat.

So I recently learned how to knit.


(more finishes.  Runic letters B & A)

Ive gotten comfortable enough with the knit and purl that Ive moved on to making letters (above).  I found patterns for 24 runes that I have plans to make into a blanket.  The letters are nice and easy enough that Im able to get into that zone stage and just loop the yarn.

And I cant believe how little yarn Ive used so far!  Im 2.5 letters in and I have a good 1/2 of my Red Heart SS skein left and I think I can get at least 5 letters done with this one skein.  With Crochet I may be only two letters in, depending on what stitch I used.

This new hobby/lifestyle/obsession has me adding even more to my Ravelry wish list, more patterns to my need to do list, and more tangles to my Pinterest boards – all screaming for me to work on them some day.

THEN (more stuff!) Ink Circles released 2014 RYO pattern.  I was on the fence about joining this year as I still havent come close to finishing the one (of two) I started last year but dang it the latest color combo posted on FB today changed my mind.  I know – me passing on one of Tracy’s charts can be shocking but I was trying (really!) to pause on all the kitting projects as I have a ton already.

So as you can see, my lists are ever growing and I need to do them all, therefor I can never die.  Makes total sense to me.