Monday, February 8, 2016

RCYC 2016

Socks are on the back burner so I can blast through the RCYC 2016 KAL.

This year its a cowl using a bike ride through Portland, Or as its theme and using two colors of yarn.  Mine is a gray blue and a rainbow-ish blue and both have cashmere.  Sooo soft.

As of this week 2 clues have been released that have 3 different stitch patterns.  I have 1 & 2a completed and started 2b tonight.  Im hoping I can stitch fast (but nice) enough to finish by Wed when the next clue will be released so I can stay on task and finish in time to wear mine to the crawl this year.

Now for the pics!

Colors: Knitted Wit-Oregon Sky and Dream in Color-Cloudy


Clue 1 completed


Clue 2a completed – this was with flash so the second color would show up a bit.  They both have bits of the same blue gray tones.


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Socks take 2

I have a toe!


Reduex after the nasty start of yeasterday.  Much thicker yarn and bigger needle and single sock.

I can see that my only main issue from yesterday was missing the one kfb that I really couldnt go back and fix since I had two socks going.  The fact that only 2 rows in and it was looking fugly was ok and it would work all the fugly out in due time – I just needed to give it that. Oh and get all the correct stitches in.

So I will work on this sock and see if I can get it finished.  Work all the kinks out so to speak on a sock that wont get a sock-friend but will be cherished as being First.

For those interested, here is the pattern Im ‘working’ off.

Im not doing M1 but kfb instead. 

M1’s and I have agreed to disagree and stay in our separate corners for now. 

Monday, January 11, 2016


I couldnt wait and tried casting on two socks on one circular needle AND proceeded to miss a stitch in row 2

And my transitions look like shit.

But this is all in the time honored tradition of learning right?

Its why I am playing with large box store yarn and not my Sassy Santa by Knitted Wit or Octoberfest by Zauberball.

So if the yarn Im playing with gets split to hell or breaks its only $6 and not $20.

Bring it on

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Happy 2016!

Hello and Happy beginnings to 2016!

2015 was a busy year for me craft wise.  It was all knitting all the time.

Starting in Feb a new project with the RCYC got the shawl bug going.  It was during the crawl that I decided to make shawls for giftmas and lots of shawls were made!

In total, including the RCYC KAL shawl (not pictured) I completed 6 shawls.  Wonderful way to battle stress and get relaxed.

image  image

image image


For 2016 I have a couple of shawls for ME that are using the patterns of the last two shawls pictured above, Nurmilintu and Groovy.

And as per crazy I started a new project on 1/1/2016 but I am keeping quiet on it for now as it is a surprize for a special friend and Im not sure where they lurk.

SOCKS – 2016 will be the year of the sock for my knitting learning.  I have a couple skeins that are screaming for Socks to be made from them.  For my Birthday, D drove me to the shops and I was able to get wonderful Twist circular needles so I can do two socks at a time.  Yup – go full out sock crazy or go home Smile

Saturday, October 3, 2015


I cannot believe it is already October. 

One more shawl down and the 5th one of the year started

I finished Carrie late Sept


It still needs to be washed and blocked but the blocking on this one will be easy. 

And here is the next shawl Groovy!


This one loves to curl in on itself and I cant wait to see how it looks.  Its normally a 600-800 yd project but Im going for only 1 skein of 420.  There are others who have made them small like this and they look fine.

Im working to get this one done as quickly as I got Carrie done.  I have another shawl or 2 I would like to see if I can complete before Christmas.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Carrie Update

Update on Carrie.  Just getting started on the 5th lace repeat 


Monday, August 24, 2015

Quiet but not gone

Hey All

I havent been posting here as Blogger hasn’t been as cross-platform friendly as I would like.

Ive been posting to Tumblr and using Instagram to get pics done and shared but neither are Blogger friendly

Until Now!  I have two new pages up on my blogger site that will take you the reader directly to either site as wanted.  New pics can also be seen to the right in a new widget for Instagram.

I may get back to posting here regularly when fall/winter hits but too many things are going on to sit down and think out a long post.

For now, shorter thoughts or pics will be done on Tumblr or Instagram