Saturday, October 3, 2015


I cannot believe it is already October. 

One more shawl down and the 5th one of the year started

I finished Carrie late Sept


It still needs to be washed and blocked but the blocking on this one will be easy. 

And here is the next shawl Groovy!


This one loves to curl in on itself and I cant wait to see how it looks.  Its normally a 600-800 yd project but Im going for only 1 skein of 420.  There are others who have made them small like this and they look fine.

Im working to get this one done as quickly as I got Carrie done.  I have another shawl or 2 I would like to see if I can complete before Christmas.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Carrie Update

Update on Carrie.  Just getting started on the 5th lace repeat 


Monday, August 24, 2015

Quiet but not gone

Hey All

I havent been posting here as Blogger hasn’t been as cross-platform friendly as I would like.

Ive been posting to Tumblr and using Instagram to get pics done and shared but neither are Blogger friendly

Until Now!  I have two new pages up on my blogger site that will take you the reader directly to either site as wanted.  New pics can also be seen to the right in a new widget for Instagram.

I may get back to posting here regularly when fall/winter hits but too many things are going on to sit down and think out a long post.

For now, shorter thoughts or pics will be done on Tumblr or Instagram

Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Challenge Finished

Final post for the April workout challenge.  This week I set goal:  Try and get as close to 28 miles as possible with having 2 days less than a full challenge week.

As of today, Ive walked 26.4 miles for exercise!

Im thanking the beautiful weather this strange spring has brought.  The wonderful sun pulls me in to getting out and moving so I try and get out for a minimum of a mile for lunch.  2 miles if I can squeeze it between meetings and have 30-40 min to spare.  Add to the pacing while waiting for trains and the three miles every morning and it all adds up.

Today’s 2 mile walk took me to the waterfront and the toddlers were out in force, playing in the sun and in the fountains and other fellow office dwellers were getting out running, walking and biking.  I love taking in these sights.

Total miles for April was 106.2

The May challenge is minutes exercised.  I will be using my Fitbit active min for that, a bit less tracking noise that way.  And I need new shoes Smile

I have another success for April, I finished a thing!

Washington Park Shawl


And then I started another thing!

Nurmilintu shawl


Its wee in the pic but its growing fast. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Week 16

Another wonderful workout week completed!  My goal this week was to at least match or go over the workout miles from last week.

I was pretty damn close - 28.16 miles for this week.

Im starting to feel changes, stomach tighter, thighs stronger, cheekbones showing more.  Now the long wait for the bod to start showing it in inches lost and lbs going down.

Im having to get up at 4am (yes FOUR A. M.) for the next couple of days.  We are down a vehicle and Im determined not to let that muck-up my current morning routine.  So Im up earlier so D can drop me off for the train to work and not be too late getting to his.  This should only be a few more days (Im hoping) but it does mean I get my butt to bed earlier.

In other projects; I am “thisclose” to being done with my RCYC shawl!  2.5 repeats and it will be ready for washing and blocking. 

I tried to get it finished today but the usual Sunday happenings took over (shopping, running around, dinner, getting breakfasts ready for the week).  And due to the change notice above, its almost bed time for me.

Hope to have a finish to dance about with next time

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Workout Week 15

Week 15! And Ive gotten the lead out of my ass and working out much more.

The challenge for this month is walking.  The first full week was ok but I knew I could do much better than that.  Need to do better than what I was doing to get the weight gone.

The big question I had to make myself answer was  “Where to carve out the time I need during the day so I WILL get a workout done?”   

What I know is if I dont workout in the morning, the workout wont happen. Life happens, excuses happen, I will do it later happens - which all leads to NOTHING happening.

So I had to make a change and carve out more time in my morning.

I was getting to work early and ‘working out’ in the room in the building.  Nice that its there but I wasnt pushing myself hard because I didnt want to bring my everything to work (makeup et al) so I could work after working out.

So not pushing myself was just maintaining, not losing.  Something else had to change.

I made the decision last week to get up an extra 15 min early, do my workout at home - where I can push for all my might and get totally sweaty and have everything to get clean and ready for work.

Now 15 min may not seem like much but Im already up at 4:45am, every morning (life, family, etc).  Moving that to 4:30 does make an impact.  I have the effort to get to bed earlier - like 8:30/9pm, so I can be awake for my workout and still have the energy for the rest of the day.  

This week was hard.  Waking up at 4:30 actually wasnt too bad.  The duo of chaos actually helped a couple of mornings (and proceeded to run around the house like a herd of elephants while I worked out).  What killed me was the evening.  I was sooo tired that staying up until 8pm was a chore!

But I made it!  I didnt let myself get derailed.

Thanks for staying through the post this far.  Now for this week’s workouts:

Sunday - 3.85 miles

Monday - 4.57 miles

Tuesday - 4.27 miles

Wednesday - 5.22 miles

Thursday - 3 miles

Friday - 4.31 miles

Saturday - 3 miles

Total: 28.22

I do Leslie Sanson 3 mile walk every morning.  The extra bits are me getting out and walking during lunch during work or walking with the family. 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Zombie returns

This week marks Week 13 of workouts.  After my last post, I came down with a nasty cold that D shared.  While his went away as most colds should, mine morphed into full blown bronchitis.  Which with my past I took things easy and made sure lungs were well before starting back into any workouts.

This week I got back into the swing of things with a bang.  Instead of getting to work and changing for the gym, I dress for the gym.  One more excuse eliminated from the possible outcomes (no time to change).  And I get 5-10 extra minutes added to my workouts.

Im still taking things a bit slow as Ive been a total slacker during the last 6 mo or so.

Monday-Wed – Walking for 30 min

Thurs – can you believe a bad muscle spasm?  O M G!  Death I tell you!  Happened right as I was getting ready for the day – lucky I could get my panties on all by myself.  Anything dropped on the floor stayed there or I would get stuck.  I made it to work but wasn’t willing to work out so wasn’t dressed to workout.  Slow and easy people.

Friday – Back is still letting me know this whole working out thing is not part of its plan but damn it – Im the ruler here.  So off to the gym again today for 30 min.

Sat – no walking like I wanted.  Minion #2 (DL) is now 14 and the party involved 6 additional teenagers for a LAN party.  Oh boy the noise.  Still got a bunch of steps in running around as one tends to do with parties.

Other fun stuff than walking has been going on.

Looking back through this blog I see I havent shared anything about the pretty Im making.  A friend got me into making a mystery shawl.  It was for the Rose City Yarn Crawl and while I didn’t finish it time to wear it while we crawled Im still working on it and determining to finish it.  Im on the last part now and cant wait to be done.

So here is the timeline

2/9 – Just getting started (2/7)

2-9-15 mkal

2/18 – Close to finishing up the first part

2-18-15 mkal

3/15 – Finished up part one and two

3-15-15 mkal

3/22 – Showing part 3

3-22-15 mkal

3/26 – On to the final – Part 4

3-26-15 mkal

4/4 – Almost 1/2 way done with the final part

4-4-15 mkal

There’s nothing like jumping in to a new project where you know there are areas you have no knowledge of and at the end you have learned so much there is nothing to hold you back from flying ahead.

This Crawl marks 1 year since I started knitting and I cant believe Im here – making a shawl that has lace work in it and have two sweaters on needles and plans to make more lace-work shawls!

Im having so much fun!