Sunday, January 25, 2015

Week 3 Workout

More on schedule with this week’s results even though fewer workouts were done.  Ive found more body-weight workouts to try that keep me mostly off the floor and I hope more willing to get them started and done.


Workout Week 3

Feeling a bit under the weather this week so the workouts were slim to none.  Hoping to get closer to human for next week.

Sunday - 2.5 mile walk today. Made it between rain showers - lucky me.

Monday - Thurs - I may have gotten 30 min total.  Not good :(

Friday - Better walking in the evening, Got 30 min in and another 3 miles total.

Sat - Total potato day

Next Week’s Meal plan:

Thanks to another busy work week and having a family that isnt overly picky Im keeping the same plan.

Vegan stroganoff
Vegetarian chili mac
Minestrone soup
Zucchini Lasagna
Fish Soup and Clam Chowder
Spinach-Potato Frittata

Week 2 workout

As this was my posting for last week, Im a bit late on posting my Week 2 workout.  But better than never Smile 

Week 2

Hey peeps and welcome to week 2 of workouts.  

I feel better about how much I was able to include workouts in this weeks crazy schedule but also need to tell my inner voice that its ok to not push as hard to shut the hell up.

Meal planning is in week 3 and its been helpful working with the whole family when making dinners.  Planning on Sunday, getting the shopping list ready and then posting the meals on the kitchen white board.  Bonus is that the minions are of age to get dinners started so when I get home I can get right in to the main cooking or finishing.

Sunday - got a full 45 min in of walking today.  Was late but wonderful

Monday - loooong day at work but still came home and got 30 min in.  Called it early cause I needed to eat and get ready for Tues.

Tuesday - This week is going to be long day after long day.  I did get in 30 min of walking after work.  

Wed - My workout was running around from meeting to meeting this week.  Not sure how many steps but lots of running around.

Thurs - night off.  too tired to get my walk on.

Friday - made up for Thurs with a 4+ mile walk during lunch.  Beautiful day for it too.

Sat - this day was just for me and no workouts were accomplished.  I did get many wonderful and relaxing hrs of knitting in and spending time with good friends.  Perfect ending to the week

Next week’s evening meals (not in any order)

Vegan stroganoff
Vegetarian chili mac
Minestrone soup
Zucchini Lasagna
Fish Soup and Clam Chowder
Spinach-Potato Frittata

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Week 1 workout

Ive joined mystoryfortheaudienceoftheworld for a gathering of like minds who are just getting off our collective asses and getting our moves on.  Not because its January or the beginning of a new year or <enter reason here> but because we want to, even need to.

I will add that it is January and in the Northern part of the globe it is cold (in some places cold as all get out) and moving gets a body warmer.  Which makes you happy and not as miserable.  Right?

So lets get on to how I did for week 1.

Week 1 didnt end up as I had hoped but it wasnt a total loss because I did get some workouts in.

As I was on vacation at the beginning of the week, I was keeping the LAZY-on going.  But that was going to change on Tues

Tues - I got to work early (there is a small gym in the building) and got working on the weights and then treadmill.  Total time 1:15 and I felt great

Wed - Late getting to work so I was only able to get to the treadmill.  I got out of the office for a short walk with a friend as a get off your butt excersize  Total time 45 min,   

Thurs - Another late day but the workout on the treadmill keeps me going for the day.  Total time 30 min (my legs are noticing it and not happy with the changes going on!)

Friday - Didnt make it into the gym at all but did walk around town at lunch.  Total time 30 min

Sat - Very lazy day and spent the time knitting :)

I need to find my Fitbit and get it recharged.  It was a victim of my vacation and I believe in pout mode somewhere in the house.

My goal for this next week is to get with YouTube and do Leslie Sansone 3 mile walk every night after work, regardless of how late it is.  Its a 45 min workout that always makes me sweat.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Years!

Did everyone stay up til the crack of Midnight to ring in the new year?

We just managed.  Midnight is getting to be too late for us old fuddies (in our 40’s sad to say).  The neighborhood didn’t let us down.  The big displays started around 11:30, guess they couldn’t wait until midnight to get started or try out some of the cannons.  Then some when straight past midnight and kept going (not too late)

2014 year round-up

I can sort of recall most of whats happened in 2014

We went on family outings twice, trailer and all.  Already have one for 2015 planned.

I have a senior in the house!  P is in his last year of High School and boy have the years flown by for this.

I learned a new life-skill – Knitting.  Never thought I would get this trick down until the PDX Yarn crawl early 2014 and a friend gave be the best tip, just let it go.  Its been a great meditative phrase for more than just knitting and now I have another travel easy hobby.  Oh and a new area to get lost on the internet on.

D and I celebrated 25 years together.  20 of those married.  No regrets.  He is my best friend and I cant imagine him not being part of my life

Those are most of the good stuff and that’s all I care to focus on Smile

Sweater update!

Ive got a great start on my newer sweater. 


Im trying to get to the body part so I have a great mindless project for the train, round and round knit stitches.

Sadly it looks like a misshapen hat

Off to see if I can get to the body by Sunday!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hello There!

Have you missed me?  Ive been busy and then busy not doing anything and actually enjoying some time off from work and play time with the family and just plain me time.

Holidays were nice.  D gave me my present early, which was wonderful as I was able to use it to make gifts for the boys


Isnt it pretty?  Lots of buttons and it takes some getting used to.  I just wanted a sewing machine to do simple stuff.  P has been wanting one to make items for SCA and D has been wanting to use one as well.

A perfect family use item.

I broke it in by making microwave warmers for the boys


I used 100% cotton flannel and thread, cut a section about 12in x 14in, sewed up a short and long side then filled with 5-6 cups feed corn (not cracked).  To make it a bit nice smelling I added 3 STRONG smelling peppermint tea bags for P and vanilla tea bags (no staples please!) for DL.  P’s does smell of pepper mint and corn when heated, DLs just smells like corn.  While its not very strong, Im hoping the corn smell diminishes with time so they get the tea smells.

We heat them in the microwave for 1 min 30 sec max

Feed corn is purchased at our local feed store.  Luckily I was able to get 5lb bags as I don’t need a 50lb of anything.  Feed corn was pretty inexpensive, $5ish for 10lbs and the feed corn stays warmer longer than rice.

My next project for sewing is to make a knitting bag


The pattern is from AllPeopleQuilt and is called Grab Bags

I like the idea of this type of bag as the handles are thick and shouldn’t cut into my wrist while Im carrying my knitting.  And its cute.

Below are the colors Im doing for my first one.  Orange is for the outside and yes, it is bright!


Sweater Update!

I have been busy as you can see


The back and both front sides are complete

Im 3/4 complete on one arm.  Im not going to have this done in a month but its such a nice brainless project.  Just knit and purl.


Now cause it’s a new year and I need to follow tradition and start something new, meet sweater #2


This is a knit from the neck down version and its called Flax by Tin Can Knits

A pic from their site of a finished Flax sweater.


They have a bunch of freebie knit projects for us newbies and great instructions so you can get started and hopefully finish!

Im knitting this one for P in black but the size should fit me if he decides he doesn’t want it (picky child that he can be)

Finally for something new and very tasty.

Atlas is a local brewery in Oregon (Bend) who makes wonderful Hard Cider.  The newer flavor Ive found from them is blackberry and it is fabulous!  And Im not generally one for blackberry anything – too sweet.  But its perfect for hard cider.


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Checking in

The health issue talked about in my last post became a bit more annoying, Im thinking due to the making of a date, and so I moved the date up.

Surgery was this past Tues and Ive been recouping since. 

My bod HATES the drugs they use for surgery, post-op and all opioids (vicodin, oxy-anything, anything-codone).  So Thurs – Sat were beyond not fun.  Today is the first day back towards the human side of life.

So its just me and a big pill of Motrin, which we (the bod and I) have used before and have agreed to be ok with for now.

For those interested in a UFE, the only pain Im dealing with now is cramping.  Which is what I expected and can totally deal with.  Everything above with the other drugs is specific fun just with me and my bod – also expected by me but not part of the expectations of a normal UFE.

On the flip side, before I went in I was able to finish the back of my sweater.


And I got started on the left side (no pic).  I havent picked up my needles since going in.  Cant find a happy resting spot to sit long enough.  Soon though, Im working on soon.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Another fly-by posting

Things are busy.  Work and home and health.

Another body part has been given notice and eviction is happening in Dec.  That wonderful fibroid talked about here and here has just kept growing and growing and growing.  Thanks to the ovaries not being there and possibly keeping it in check and now hormones giving it wonderful food.  It is now quite large and causing other health issues.

Now instead of a hysterectomy Ive opted the UFE route.  As its large, any hysterectomy is not going to be fun and would be more invasive then if I didn’t have the fibroid.  Having the UFE doesn’t rule out a hysterectomy but Im hoping if I do have one later, the fibroid wont cause additional issues as it could be much smaller or gone.

So Early Dec, I will have the UFE and plan on taking it easy during the Holidays and letting my body heal.

Now on to fun stuff!

I have been busy the last couple months.  Knitting is my main craft atm.  So easy to knit on the train!

Cowl – This was done using the bamboo stitch.  Im not sure how much I like it, is acrylic so no blocking but it isnt as long as I had hoped.  So the end tail has not been snipped or threaded in for that moment of when I want to frog and start over with some other project.


Oh the next BIG project!  Meet my first sweater!!  Its for me and will be a cardigan.  The piece below is much bigger now but I havent taken a newer photo.  Its lion brand wool-ease so another no-blocking project.  But much easier for washing.


Look!  Its another cowl.  Simple, k2, p2 two rows and swap p2, k2 two rows.  I havent worked much on it but its another piece that is perfect for not thinking.


Look Pie!  Now its fall and the PacNW is finally getting wet weather, its time to break out the fall/winter foods.  And this is a veggie pot pie (2 of them of course).  Walking through the house while these are cooking is heaven.


Our last camping trip of the year.  This is the Oregon Coast, In October!  T-shirt/shorts weather!  At the Oregon Coast, In October!  Im still amazed at how perfect the weather was.


And that is that for now.