Saturday, July 1, 2017


So Friday I joined D for the 4th day of Crossfit for the week.  Friday’s weight-lifting is deadlifts and strict press.  Its been forever since Ive done a deadlift as we never went to the Friday class at this particular box and I didnt know what my max for strict press was either so I spent time during class to find my one rep max so that next week I can work to do more than one rep close to that weight so I can pass it.

in Feb, I did a 105lb deadlift and that was hard.  Since then, working at this box, Ive been working on other weight lifting and my body as a whole is stronger.  As of Friday, my new one rep max for Deadlift is 205 lbs! 

The strict press is a bit more difficult for me due to a flu shot a couple years ago that hit a nerve.  Ive had movement issues with my right arm and because of that, getting my right arm straight while pressing a bar up with weights is a struggle.  That said, I was able to get 75 lbs lifted over my head a couple of times and now I have a goal to work towards.  More movements and recovery exercises will get the arm moving how it should some day.

Saturday I pampered myself with a massage.  60 min of getting muscles a bit back to happiness and boy was it worth it!  I can bend, sit, walk, move without my lower back making me pay for each bit.  Havent had a massage in months and may do this monthly just to say thank you to all my muscles for putting up with me placing them in the Cross fit world. 

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