Monday, July 3, 2017

Too early?

P wanted to switch up when he did crossfit as the 4:30pm class was cutting in his day weird.

So this week we are doing a 6:30am class.

Getting up that early isnt bad for me.  Im usually up at 5am as the duo of chaos start demanding their morning food that early.  Now its thinking time.  Can I get food in my bod with enough time between eating and working out so I dont get a cramp?  Answer for today is yes.  Oatmeal (zombie brains) with blueberries made a perfect breakfast and one I could scarf down and give myself time before the workout.

Workout was good.  No hot or humid like its been during the afternoon class.  And now its done!  No more workout until tomorrow.


Not even close to the heel on socks I started last month, I started another pair over the weekend.  Im totally blaming D for this.  Went out to the dollar store for cleaning supplies and he asked if I was going to the yarn store.  Well hell wasnt planning on it but know its in my brain and must go!

I went to Craft Warehouse looking for one color, didnt find it but came home with Premier Vegas Lights


Wonderfully bright colors and screamed to be made into socks for a friend.

Knitting over vaca last month got me confident with my knitting and Im no longer tied to looking at everything I knit as I knit it and can now read (a sentence or 2) before having to look.  Knitting by touch – booya!

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