Tuesday, June 27, 2017


We had a week off from Crossfit thanks to a wonderful vacation at the beach.

Well we did try to do the metcon part of the WOD on Monday, did pretty good workout, but the winds the rest of the week were crazy and we were on vacation so didnt really push to do any part of workouts.

Bad adulting us.

Its Tuesday morning and Im already feeling yesterday's WOD in my legs.  Lots of squating thanks to wall balls and back squats.

I did make a PR for back squats, 100 lbs!  


Not much knitting done yesterday.  Had bad restless leg syndrome issues after dinner.  Almost hurt to try and stay still.  The legs finally calmed down close to bed time (thank gods) and I was able to get a few rows in on my Spectrum shawl by Joji and found a new design element that Im just leaving in.  Im up to ~100 stitches a row and the new element is 6 rows back.  It doesnt impact the design too much and Im not tinking back that many rows to fix it.

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