Sunday, June 25, 2017

Hello World - Again

Im still around, just havent been blogging for over a year.  

Ive been knitting and hanging out with family and got into Crossfit.


Looking back at the blog, yes - I did finally make socks in 2016.  In fact since my first pair, Ive made 10 pairs of socks.  2 for gifts and the rest all mine.  Ive gone from making one sock at a time to two at a time (taat).  I prefer making taat as you get a pair of socks ready for wearing when you're done.  How cool is that?  Ive also dialed in to what is the perfect sock for me;  2.5 mm needles, using 2 circular needles (prefer Chaigoo to Addi but those two over all others atm), sock construction is always toe up, vanilla pattern (stockinette and boring) and the sock yarn needs to be at least 80% wool, 20% nylon. 

Socks are now my 'go to project that I dont have to do any thinking on and can just zone out'.  I always have at least 1 pair on needles and close by so I can pull them out for a few rows.  

Im almost shocked at the number of people wanting/expecting me to make them a pair.  Its worse than shawls.

Hand knit socks arent cheap.  The good yarn is ~$20+, then the pair takes a minimum of 2 weeks to complete and that is only if nothing else in life is going on and I have motivation to only work on socks.  So thats time cost in addition to the yarn.  For me the min I would charge is $50 a pair and the min time would be a month for completion.

Current socks Im working on:

Pattern: Sundae Socks by Shannon Squire
Yarn: Knitted Wit - Death to Sexism colorway

Non-sock projects are all shawls. I have yarn for sweaters but I have braining to do for those to make sure all the work done ends up with a item I can actually wear.  The one sweater I had on the needles for me has been frogged as I hated how it looked.  The fabric I was ending up with sucked.  I need to go down a needle size and make sure the yarn/stitch count works for the pattern.


D and I started working out with a plan late in 2016.  We wanted/needed a class where you werent just a number and you could reserve a spot for and not just first come last no working out for you today.  A place with structure and a plan to get you where you wanted to end up.

He came up with Crossfit and we went to a couple sessions and have been hooked.

I love it.  I get sorta stressed right before class.  Will I be able to complete the WOD (work out of the day) and/or without having an asthma attack (its happened once so far).  But after class and we are all home and gooey gross from the WOD I feel so pumped!

Its not just all weight lifting but that is part of the workout.  Its getting you moving and stronger and healthier.  Im not seeing much in the movement of the scale but I am getting more weight on my lifting and getting more WODs done without feeling like Im going to die.

We have the boys going to the same classes we take - its the only 'gym' they are getting and since they come with us I feel better they are getting some exercise.

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