Monday, February 29, 2016

Taking a turn at sewing

This Sunday I finally took time and made the cover to my bullet journal and here is the results




inside front


inside back

Of the 5 fat quarters I purchased, this only took 3 and Ive got quite a bit of left overs of the 3 I used that can be made into pockets or doo-dads on the front if I decide to make another.

I did use a piece of muslin, which I already had and I finally found ribbon I wanted to use for bookmarks. And I used the orange elastic to keep the book closed.

I mostly followed the directions found here: 

I have two pockets on the inside front.  My next one I will use a stiff interface so they are a bit stronger.  The pen holder is a bit too big for what I thought it would be.  It does have a bit of wonderunder in it cause I didnt want to mess with stitching and then turning it inside out.

I used wonderunder for the orange stripe on the front – again being lazy and wanted to get done with all the stitching.

I did do the 1/4-ish inch stitching along the whole edge when all was done.  It was just a bit too baggy and doing the edging removed the excess I didnt like

It was fun and in total took about 4 hrs from start (ironing the quarters) to final stitching.

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