Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Make Cover

At least one.

I have a bullet journal I use primarily for work.  Using a simple/basic composition book (quad) as I just cant bring myself to spend the cash for the expensive ones and I hate books.  I can bend the spine on the basic comp book back as many times as needed and can still write in the damn thing.

But it is b o r i n g as hell.

I cant find a cover that is within what I want to spend and a search on the web for DIY covers tossed me in to the deep pit.

Oh the possibilities! I had to create a new Pinterest board for all the ideas I was finding.  This didnt even cover what I found on YouTube.

And off to Joanns I went!

Here is what I picked up

5 fat quarters and elastic.  I could have got more but trying to keep it somewhat simple.



showing finds with my journal

Now to work out in my gray matter how I want this to work.  I would love to have the solid green as the outside but the black of the journal cover shows through.  I may add a muslin backing to the green just so I can use it.  The green pattern use for the pockets of the journal cover and the orange for an extra pocket for notes if needed on the inside, possible pocket on the front cover and to use for the pen/pencil holder on the side.  The elastic is to be sewn on to keep all of this closed.

My need for control means I need to chart everything out before bringing scissors anywhere close to fabric.  Hopefully it wont take weeks/months to get it all figured out.

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