Monday, February 15, 2016

RCYC 2016 Clue 2

Clue 2 is completed!  Late Friday nite but done


Clue 3 was released Wed and I have hardly worked on it. 

Sat was spent shopping and no knitting.  Sunday was strangely spent doing other things and no knitting

Today I had the pleasure of getting 4 fillings replaced.  Not fun with TMJ but its one of those things Dentists are wanting to get done these days. Spent a good part of my day sleeping (no knitting) then a trip to Joanns to get fabric for a journal cover and more yarn (cause sales people! and no knitting) then getting dinner ready.  In between all this is counting down the time to when I can take MORE ADVIL! (no knitting).

I would like to spend sometime tonight knitting as really is the only activity I can do that lets/causes my jaw to completely relax.

D made a joke this weekend (Sat in fact while shopping) that “oh you have to knit do you” and I answered yes immediately.  Really – it is the only thing that allows my jaw to relax.  Else I am clenching those jaw muscles till they cry.  Even when sleeping I will wake up cause I am clenching that hard.  Thank god for my mouth gard!

So – Find that one activity that will let you relax completely as you cant even count on sleep letting you do that.

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