Saturday, April 4, 2015

Zombie returns

This week marks Week 13 of workouts.  After my last post, I came down with a nasty cold that D shared.  While his went away as most colds should, mine morphed into full blown bronchitis.  Which with my past I took things easy and made sure lungs were well before starting back into any workouts.

This week I got back into the swing of things with a bang.  Instead of getting to work and changing for the gym, I dress for the gym.  One more excuse eliminated from the possible outcomes (no time to change).  And I get 5-10 extra minutes added to my workouts.

Im still taking things a bit slow as Ive been a total slacker during the last 6 mo or so.

Monday-Wed – Walking for 30 min

Thurs – can you believe a bad muscle spasm?  O M G!  Death I tell you!  Happened right as I was getting ready for the day – lucky I could get my panties on all by myself.  Anything dropped on the floor stayed there or I would get stuck.  I made it to work but wasn’t willing to work out so wasn’t dressed to workout.  Slow and easy people.

Friday – Back is still letting me know this whole working out thing is not part of its plan but damn it – Im the ruler here.  So off to the gym again today for 30 min.

Sat – no walking like I wanted.  Minion #2 (DL) is now 14 and the party involved 6 additional teenagers for a LAN party.  Oh boy the noise.  Still got a bunch of steps in running around as one tends to do with parties.

Other fun stuff than walking has been going on.

Looking back through this blog I see I havent shared anything about the pretty Im making.  A friend got me into making a mystery shawl.  It was for the Rose City Yarn Crawl and while I didn’t finish it time to wear it while we crawled Im still working on it and determining to finish it.  Im on the last part now and cant wait to be done.

So here is the timeline

2/9 – Just getting started (2/7)

2-9-15 mkal

2/18 – Close to finishing up the first part

2-18-15 mkal

3/15 – Finished up part one and two

3-15-15 mkal

3/22 – Showing part 3

3-22-15 mkal

3/26 – On to the final – Part 4

3-26-15 mkal

4/4 – Almost 1/2 way done with the final part

4-4-15 mkal

There’s nothing like jumping in to a new project where you know there are areas you have no knowledge of and at the end you have learned so much there is nothing to hold you back from flying ahead.

This Crawl marks 1 year since I started knitting and I cant believe Im here – making a shawl that has lace work in it and have two sweaters on needles and plans to make more lace-work shawls!

Im having so much fun!

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