Sunday, April 19, 2015

Workout Week 15

Week 15! And Ive gotten the lead out of my ass and working out much more.

The challenge for this month is walking.  The first full week was ok but I knew I could do much better than that.  Need to do better than what I was doing to get the weight gone.

The big question I had to make myself answer was  “Where to carve out the time I need during the day so I WILL get a workout done?”   

What I know is if I dont workout in the morning, the workout wont happen. Life happens, excuses happen, I will do it later happens - which all leads to NOTHING happening.

So I had to make a change and carve out more time in my morning.

I was getting to work early and ‘working out’ in the room in the building.  Nice that its there but I wasnt pushing myself hard because I didnt want to bring my everything to work (makeup et al) so I could work after working out.

So not pushing myself was just maintaining, not losing.  Something else had to change.

I made the decision last week to get up an extra 15 min early, do my workout at home - where I can push for all my might and get totally sweaty and have everything to get clean and ready for work.

Now 15 min may not seem like much but Im already up at 4:45am, every morning (life, family, etc).  Moving that to 4:30 does make an impact.  I have the effort to get to bed earlier - like 8:30/9pm, so I can be awake for my workout and still have the energy for the rest of the day.  

This week was hard.  Waking up at 4:30 actually wasnt too bad.  The duo of chaos actually helped a couple of mornings (and proceeded to run around the house like a herd of elephants while I worked out).  What killed me was the evening.  I was sooo tired that staying up until 8pm was a chore!

But I made it!  I didnt let myself get derailed.

Thanks for staying through the post this far.  Now for this week’s workouts:

Sunday - 3.85 miles

Monday - 4.57 miles

Tuesday - 4.27 miles

Wednesday - 5.22 miles

Thursday - 3 miles

Friday - 4.31 miles

Saturday - 3 miles

Total: 28.22

I do Leslie Sanson 3 mile walk every morning.  The extra bits are me getting out and walking during lunch during work or walking with the family. 

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