Sunday, January 25, 2015

Week 2 workout

As this was my posting for last week, Im a bit late on posting my Week 2 workout.  But better than never Smile 

Week 2

Hey peeps and welcome to week 2 of workouts.  

I feel better about how much I was able to include workouts in this weeks crazy schedule but also need to tell my inner voice that its ok to not push as hard to shut the hell up.

Meal planning is in week 3 and its been helpful working with the whole family when making dinners.  Planning on Sunday, getting the shopping list ready and then posting the meals on the kitchen white board.  Bonus is that the minions are of age to get dinners started so when I get home I can get right in to the main cooking or finishing.

Sunday - got a full 45 min in of walking today.  Was late but wonderful

Monday - loooong day at work but still came home and got 30 min in.  Called it early cause I needed to eat and get ready for Tues.

Tuesday - This week is going to be long day after long day.  I did get in 30 min of walking after work.  

Wed - My workout was running around from meeting to meeting this week.  Not sure how many steps but lots of running around.

Thurs - night off.  too tired to get my walk on.

Friday - made up for Thurs with a 4+ mile walk during lunch.  Beautiful day for it too.

Sat - this day was just for me and no workouts were accomplished.  I did get many wonderful and relaxing hrs of knitting in and spending time with good friends.  Perfect ending to the week

Next week’s evening meals (not in any order)

Vegan stroganoff
Vegetarian chili mac
Minestrone soup
Zucchini Lasagna
Fish Soup and Clam Chowder
Spinach-Potato Frittata

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