Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Years!

Did everyone stay up til the crack of Midnight to ring in the new year?

We just managed.  Midnight is getting to be too late for us old fuddies (in our 40’s sad to say).  The neighborhood didn’t let us down.  The big displays started around 11:30, guess they couldn’t wait until midnight to get started or try out some of the cannons.  Then some when straight past midnight and kept going (not too late)

2014 year round-up

I can sort of recall most of whats happened in 2014

We went on family outings twice, trailer and all.  Already have one for 2015 planned.

I have a senior in the house!  P is in his last year of High School and boy have the years flown by for this.

I learned a new life-skill – Knitting.  Never thought I would get this trick down until the PDX Yarn crawl early 2014 and a friend gave be the best tip, just let it go.  Its been a great meditative phrase for more than just knitting and now I have another travel easy hobby.  Oh and a new area to get lost on the internet on.

D and I celebrated 25 years together.  20 of those married.  No regrets.  He is my best friend and I cant imagine him not being part of my life

Those are most of the good stuff and that’s all I care to focus on Smile

Sweater update!

Ive got a great start on my newer sweater. 


Im trying to get to the body part so I have a great mindless project for the train, round and round knit stitches.

Sadly it looks like a misshapen hat

Off to see if I can get to the body by Sunday!

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