Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hello There!

Have you missed me?  Ive been busy and then busy not doing anything and actually enjoying some time off from work and play time with the family and just plain me time.

Holidays were nice.  D gave me my present early, which was wonderful as I was able to use it to make gifts for the boys


Isnt it pretty?  Lots of buttons and it takes some getting used to.  I just wanted a sewing machine to do simple stuff.  P has been wanting one to make items for SCA and D has been wanting to use one as well.

A perfect family use item.

I broke it in by making microwave warmers for the boys


I used 100% cotton flannel and thread, cut a section about 12in x 14in, sewed up a short and long side then filled with 5-6 cups feed corn (not cracked).  To make it a bit nice smelling I added 3 STRONG smelling peppermint tea bags for P and vanilla tea bags (no staples please!) for DL.  P’s does smell of pepper mint and corn when heated, DLs just smells like corn.  While its not very strong, Im hoping the corn smell diminishes with time so they get the tea smells.

We heat them in the microwave for 1 min 30 sec max

Feed corn is purchased at our local feed store.  Luckily I was able to get 5lb bags as I don’t need a 50lb of anything.  Feed corn was pretty inexpensive, $5ish for 10lbs and the feed corn stays warmer longer than rice.

My next project for sewing is to make a knitting bag


The pattern is from AllPeopleQuilt and is called Grab Bags

I like the idea of this type of bag as the handles are thick and shouldn’t cut into my wrist while Im carrying my knitting.  And its cute.

Below are the colors Im doing for my first one.  Orange is for the outside and yes, it is bright!


Sweater Update!

I have been busy as you can see


The back and both front sides are complete

Im 3/4 complete on one arm.  Im not going to have this done in a month but its such a nice brainless project.  Just knit and purl.


Now cause it’s a new year and I need to follow tradition and start something new, meet sweater #2


This is a knit from the neck down version and its called Flax by Tin Can Knits

A pic from their site of a finished Flax sweater.


They have a bunch of freebie knit projects for us newbies and great instructions so you can get started and hopefully finish!

Im knitting this one for P in black but the size should fit me if he decides he doesn’t want it (picky child that he can be)

Finally for something new and very tasty.

Atlas is a local brewery in Oregon (Bend) who makes wonderful Hard Cider.  The newer flavor Ive found from them is blackberry and it is fabulous!  And Im not generally one for blackberry anything – too sweet.  But its perfect for hard cider.


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