Sunday, November 16, 2014

Checking in

The health issue talked about in my last post became a bit more annoying, Im thinking due to the making of a date, and so I moved the date up.

Surgery was this past Tues and Ive been recouping since. 

My bod HATES the drugs they use for surgery, post-op and all opioids (vicodin, oxy-anything, anything-codone).  So Thurs – Sat were beyond not fun.  Today is the first day back towards the human side of life.

So its just me and a big pill of Motrin, which we (the bod and I) have used before and have agreed to be ok with for now.

For those interested in a UFE, the only pain Im dealing with now is cramping.  Which is what I expected and can totally deal with.  Everything above with the other drugs is specific fun just with me and my bod – also expected by me but not part of the expectations of a normal UFE.

On the flip side, before I went in I was able to finish the back of my sweater.


And I got started on the left side (no pic).  I havent picked up my needles since going in.  Cant find a happy resting spot to sit long enough.  Soon though, Im working on soon.

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