Friday, October 24, 2014

Another fly-by posting

Things are busy.  Work and home and health.

Another body part has been given notice and eviction is happening in Dec.  That wonderful fibroid talked about here and here has just kept growing and growing and growing.  Thanks to the ovaries not being there and possibly keeping it in check and now hormones giving it wonderful food.  It is now quite large and causing other health issues.

Now instead of a hysterectomy Ive opted the UFE route.  As its large, any hysterectomy is not going to be fun and would be more invasive then if I didn’t have the fibroid.  Having the UFE doesn’t rule out a hysterectomy but Im hoping if I do have one later, the fibroid wont cause additional issues as it could be much smaller or gone.

So Early Dec, I will have the UFE and plan on taking it easy during the Holidays and letting my body heal.

Now on to fun stuff!

I have been busy the last couple months.  Knitting is my main craft atm.  So easy to knit on the train!

Cowl – This was done using the bamboo stitch.  Im not sure how much I like it, is acrylic so no blocking but it isnt as long as I had hoped.  So the end tail has not been snipped or threaded in for that moment of when I want to frog and start over with some other project.


Oh the next BIG project!  Meet my first sweater!!  Its for me and will be a cardigan.  The piece below is much bigger now but I havent taken a newer photo.  Its lion brand wool-ease so another no-blocking project.  But much easier for washing.


Look!  Its another cowl.  Simple, k2, p2 two rows and swap p2, k2 two rows.  I havent worked much on it but its another piece that is perfect for not thinking.


Look Pie!  Now its fall and the PacNW is finally getting wet weather, its time to break out the fall/winter foods.  And this is a veggie pot pie (2 of them of course).  Walking through the house while these are cooking is heaven.


Our last camping trip of the year.  This is the Oregon Coast, In October!  T-shirt/shorts weather!  At the Oregon Coast, In October!  Im still amazed at how perfect the weather was.


And that is that for now.

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