Friday, February 11, 2011

Still trying

So Im trying to make Arnies from my lemons but its hard to get to that happy place to enjoy anything.

The news is I have an ovary that isnt happy.  Add a uterine fibroid to the party with both causing pain and its a three-some I would rather not have as friends.

Hasnt been a fun week (or month for that matter) but the end is in sight.

So an eviction notice has been sent with the management forcing them out in two weeks.

Ive been told that recovery time to be somewhat mobile is 4-7 days.  I will be taking a week off from work (D will be with me) and work from home the following week.  We shall see what happens after that.


  1. I hope that everything goes well and that you are feeling better again soon.

  2. Hope everything goes well and that you're better soon.

  3. Keeping you in my prayers for a speedy recovery, take care.

  4. Sorry to hear you're having deal with this, but I hope the surgery goes ok and you feel much better soon.