Saturday, August 30, 2014

Hello There!

HELLO!  Its another one of those ‘wow its been a long time since Ive been here’ posts.

Its been a good summer.  Minion 1 has turned 17, he will be a senior this year (wow!).  Minion 2 is almost taller than his dad.  I would have bet that he would have done that before end of summer but he has a few centimeters yet to go.  Maybe by Christmas…

We were able to get a way from the world at least once this summer.  It was a wonderful break from everything.  And no cell access made it just that much better.

I have been working on projects.  The tree bag has been placed on hold for now, more for me needing to snag yarn from another project than it being grounded.  And Ive been keeping up on DL’s blanket and various cross stitching

Proof of doings!

Spring Breeze shawl


LHN Simplicity


And here’s to not taking so long for the next post.


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