Saturday, June 7, 2014

Bah, Excuses!



I had perfect excuses going on this morning.  It was late (after 8am), had a late start and much to get done.  Farmers market was high on the list and a possible breakfast out.  Oh and walking with Leslie and getting the monthly challenge items done for today,

I started telling myself that I would get the challenge items done now and do the walk later.

We all know what would have happened.  No Walk.  I knew it.  Every time that side of me tried talking be through all that needed to be done, Do the walk Later, walk later.  Just do it later.

So I took charge, got changed and got my walk on. Earned my shower!

So I was a bit late getting the rest of the items on my list done.  I need to take care of ME first.

High notes:  Its been almost 2 weeks since I took charge again and already I can feel changes.  My face is feeling thinner, my forearms are feeling thinner.  I didn’t notice that type of change last year.

My main focus this month is the walking and my June Challenges.  Ive been doing pretty good at keeping up with the days.  Im a bit behind with squats (hehe) but for the most part Ive been doing the best I can to stay with the course.

How about you?

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