Thursday, June 5, 2014

Keeping it moving

A brief update of where things are at before I go fall into bed.
Work is crazy but even with that we’ve had just beautiful days.  You know the ones where its perfect and the sun is becoming you to come out and enjoy it and it really is warm not jus fooling you into going outside without at least a sweater and walking for more than 10 min isnt going to make you sweat like you’ve been in a race.
So Ive had to get out and revel in the wonderfulness of PNW spring – and take others out into it with me.
Walking has been going on, around the blocks of downtown we go.  Then, for most days so far, when I get home and after dinner has been made I get in another 3 miles.
Im getting 10k+ in steps daily now – WOOT!
Oh and still keeping up with the 30-day challenges.
And now Im off to bed!

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