Monday, June 2, 2014

Challenge Yourself

Ok  I still don’t have update pics – too lazy to keep the projects out and get the phone ready and then get everything just right and then the wait for the picture to be backed up to G+… the excuses go on and on.

For those.

But not for other things.

I let myself go a bit this year.  As of Dec, I had a great thing going.  Lost over 30 lbs and a good number of inches and then just blah. 

We started bringing animal protein back into the house, eating lots more pasta and I stopped moving.  Which got me growing (booooo!)

And as much as I want to blame the afore mentioned (and yummy) items it all comes down to the moving.  Or not moving in this case.

So on making no more excuses and just get MOVING!

Starting after Memorial day (cause that was a wonderful not doing anything day) I got moving.  In fact today marks 7 days of moving.

7 days of walking to Leslie Sansone 3 mile walk (heart healthy version), actually moving away from my desk – getting outside and walking around blocks.

I also started a few 30 day challenges on June 1 and today marks 2 days of doing these. 


(more can be found here

So my goal for June is a full 30 days of challenging myself. 

I cant wait to see what happens.

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