Sunday, January 19, 2014


Its been a nice weekend.  Had stitching with friends, shopping with D and general weekend projects (housework for minions, laundry etc)


Yet again my stitch weekend with friends landed on the January IHSW.  I surprised myself by sticking to one project for both days

LHN – Little Sheep Virtues, Wisdom





Fiber Frenzy

The first meeting went pretty well.  A couple were working (arguing?) with crochet, one knitter and I was having an argument with the tree in the chart above.  I found my issue hiding in the letters but of course that was after chopped my tree in half finding the worm of my brain ache.

Kitchen Toys

New toy, Vitamix, and we (ok mainly D) has been making smoothies for lunch (I call them juice, he calls them smoothies cause they are so thick).  We’ve also used it to make our own almond milk, although buying it is still cheaper but ours has less chemicals and is organic), and making salad dressing (apple, lemon, oil – yum!).  Cant wait to make tahini, humus, nut butters and soup.

Dehydrator – I have plans tomorrow to get kiwi drying in the dehydrator.   Have some apples that may join the kiwi’s if there is room.

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