Monday, January 13, 2014


Tomorrow is day one of the Fiber Frenzy group at work.  Im excited and very nervous.  Excited in that others are excited too.  Nervous as I see it riding on my for some silly reason.  Im just getting a group of people together.  They also need to be part of the group and keep things moving – right?

My hip and calf have a gorgeous collection of colors ranging from light yellow, greens, reds to dark purples.  All bruises are showing the still really painful parts

Loki and his latest blanket conquest.  P said I left it out just for him.


I need to get another J hook just to leave in the front room.  So far Im keeping one afghan there and one back in the office so I can have a project ready to hook at either place.  Of course the one in the office isnt as easily available for claiming as the one in the front room.

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