Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Oh the smells in the house yesterday from drying fruit!


Im still working on a warming scarf.  These Im planning on donating next year to a shelter.  They are nice and easy for me to hook on the train to work, no thinking involved.

I also worked on Wisdom during Fiber Frenzy today.  More of the border added.  Trying to get as much as I can before tackling the annoying ecru.


My first dive into dehydrating was a success!


The fruits of my labor (hehe)

Kiwi, apples and oranges.  Let me tell you, my kitchen was smelling SO wonderful yesterday!  I cannot believe how tart home dried kiwi or apple can be.  The orange is very sweet.

Hope to get to pineapple and banana later this week.

Going through all the ideas on Pinterest and other areas on the web is giving me great ideas on what I can do with garden gems and what I can do to make my grocery $$s to go a bit further.

Zucchini chips, sweet potato chips, all kinds of fruit, peppers, herbs, the list keeps growing!

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