Thursday, January 9, 2014


I don’t have much to share.  I had a wonderful birthday.  I was able to pickup yarn for DL’s afghan and get started on that as well as getting threads for a number of projects; Plum Sampler’s Olga, Boris & Serge as well as Dragon Dream’s Gemstone Dragons.

THEN Ink Circles had to come out with a new chart that I was never going to be able to live without!  Turrets and Towns will be coming to my hands and needles sometime in the future.  I have thoughts of the threads to use – it’s a work in progress that is seriously churning up my grey matter.

I havent done much the last couple of days.  I did get a good start on DL’s project.  I made a change to the red and got a brighter one.  Chose Burgundy instead of Claret.  It’s a lot brighter and looks more like the pattern I figured out.


And started the looong process of winding all the thread I purchased. 


For now, winding is what Im good for.  Gravity and I had a minor disagreement in which Gravity cheated causing me and the deck to have a closer relationship than I was comfortable with last night.  Results are my right side is a bit bruised and banged and not moving too quick.

So with that fun stuff – Im off to bed.

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