Sunday, January 5, 2014

All About Me

Its all about me today.  Its my birthday, 44 wonderful years today!

Starting off the day I was serenaded by D and the boys and gifted a cert to my LNS, Acorns & Threads.  So of course I had to go through my stash and see what I could use my cert on.  I have quite a few projects that are just needing thread and one I would like to get started (sometime this year-maybe) that needs fabric and threads

Cross Stitch

To the above projects, Ive pulled out a few Plum Street Samplers to get threads for.  Olga, Boris, & Serge all need threads and could be quick projects (if I didn’t have stitchers ADD).  Dragon Dream’s Gemstone Dragons are screaming to be made into the ornaments I got this chart for and need fabric & threads.  I shall see if I can make it so for everything.

Projects I would also like to complete this year are the rest of the Sheep Virtues.  I completed 5 of 12, need to get the last one still.  Another project group I would like to work on is the BBD Anniversary houses, at least one or two of those completed would be wonderful.


Now that P’s ginormous afghan is complete, Im getting started on DL’s.  His main color request is purple.  So having three colors to play with Ive teamed a dk purple up with a dk red and dk brown.

Playing around in excel to get a pattern out that is different from the 5/5/5 combo I used on P’s, I came up with the following


As you can see it’s a dizzy combo but the boy likes it.  And the main color is still his purple.

I will be stitching this using Red Heart; Dk Orchid, Coffee & Claret.


In addition to this afghan, Im still working on using up the yarn from P’s into a lap-gan.  Loki is already claiming the bit I have completed so far.  I have three other afghans WIPs; another C2C, one with some special stitches that its been so long Im going to have to figure out what they are again, and the ginormous turtle for my bed.

No plans on getting any of these completed this year other than DL’s and Im giving myself until Christmas to try and get his done – even though sooner would be nice.

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