Monday, November 18, 2013

Quiet Weekends

Another nice longish weekend.  Fridays are all mine for the rest of the year and Im relishing in the quiet.
This past Friday had me stitching, doing housework, getting most the weekend shopping done and making chili & cornbread (yum!).  Wonderful relaxing day it was. 

Not much excitement in the food department but while at a friends house this weekend I had Chicken Parmesan.  I do stray from time to time especially if I am having dinner with friends and there is nothing else available.  Hunger wins
This was made with a pre-packaged panko and parmesan mix that you just tossed the chicken in then baked as normal.
My thinking is I could possibly do this with seitan but maybe without the tossing and bake it.  The parmesan would be switched out with a Daiya like cheese Trader Joes has that is more like parmesan than mozzarella but still melts really good.

November IHSW fell on a wonderful weekend.  Gathering at a friends for weekend stitching usually lands on this wonderful monthly event so Im actually able to participate instead of jus hoping I will get some time aside for stitching.

I started sheep #5 on Wed and have come quite a ways this weekend.  This one seems to be a much faster stitch as there arent a lot of color changes and I can complete whole colors without too much troubles.

Found this on a cross stitch FB page and just had to share it – lord it made me laugh so hard!
Wrecking Ball Frog

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