Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Fly by post as Ive been lazy.  Lots going on, more to share but just havent put myself in the place and forced it to just get done.

That said I did want to share more vegan foodie finds that Ive made for the family and they actually like!


Seitan Roast

I amaze myself with my cooking.  I made stuffed seitan but with a different type of dressing than used before.

Stuffing used was Dad’s Vegan Wild Rice stuffing with my usual seitan mix.  Only changes I made was exchanging almonds for the pine nuts (still roasted them) and added at least a cup of rice.

Flattened the seitan as much as I could (springy stuff that it is) and placed a good mound in the middle following the instructions from the first time I tried a stuffed seitan roast.

Now because I double most recipes, I made two stuffed roasts with dressing which was more than enough for my family of 4 for dinner.

Actually there was enough dressing non-doubled recipe to make four stuffed roasts – which I did and now I should have a night off from cooking later this week.


Tried out a new salad at Thanksgiving dinner.  Taking salad was our contribution.

Meet Rainbow Salad with Kale and Orange Red Pepper dressing

rainbow kale salad vegan orange red pepper dressing

Image from

This was fabulous!  The dressing was a nice surprise.  I was expecting a tart vinaigrette type of dressing but it was a wonderful sweet, tangy addition to this salad.

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