Monday, September 2, 2013

Twas the night before

The final day of summer break.  Are the kids nervous?  Nope.  One is off to a LAN party and the other is just hanging out.  I had plans to be home this tomorrow but that got called off due to work.


I have two recipes to share – both vegan

Homemade seitan (say-tan) – this is wheat meat and we have been including it in several ways; burritos, sandwiches, stir fry, and stroganoff.

Seitan is easy to make and there are several ways to cook it after the ingredients are mixed.  Boil, baked and pressure cooked to name a few.  I have boiled and baked and thanks to my oven putzing out on me this afternoon, I will be trying the pressure cooking method.  I just have to run out and get some cheese cloth.

For a good recipe on seitan, please vist Neverhomemaker and their Make your own Seitan post.  Ive tried a few different versions of making seitan and so far this is my favorite.  I love to pick a variety of spices and just go crazy.  The result was wonderful! 


So tasty on its own, in a sandwich and fabulous in stroganoff!


You knew this was coming.  Main reason I made the seitan the way I did was to try it out and get some stroganoff.  Stroganoff was a fave of the family and since going vegan its been hard to find a happy medium that would allow us to enjoy this dish without meat and dairy but still have it be tasty and not over mushroomed.

I found a near perfect dish on Go Vegan Meow blog by Jacklyn.  Her version of Vegan ‘beef’ stroganoff was a huge hit.


Yes, very beige but a big green salad was had before the main course and D hates peas!

There was just enough left for someone to have it as part of lunch the next day (nope – not me unfortunately)

And just in time for the new school year – my oven went kaput!  So D and I went shopping online and off.  Nice the deals were still to be had and a new one will be delivered Friday.  Thankfully we still have use of the range and not much of what we eat requires the oven these days.

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