Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Well we certainly have fall like-weather anyway.  Maybe not for this week but last week was totally fall.  Rain, clouds, thunder/lightening and for a treat, muggy. Just in time for the first week of School for a good sending off for the kids.

This week is back in the 90’s.  And still following the ‘Fall’ theme its cool in the morning so coats or long sleeves are recommended – just so you have to carry all those layers home with you at the end of the day. Cant forget the muggy!  Good lord its muggy.  I can feel it through the windows at work!


Oh I am cooking up a treat for the gals at stitching this week.  Ok, as it’s the first time Ive cooked this, Im hoping it stays a treat and not a mess.

Meet the Chocolate Coconut Banana pudding Cake

I borrowed the picture from the source site as I don’t have a pic of my own yet.  But its what sold me on this wonderful smelling-while-baking cake.

It’s a vegan and GF cake made with coconut flour and coconut milk and vegan chocolate.

Ive made very small substitutions on this.  One cant really play around with baking as you can with cooking and since Im making it for non-family I want it to work!  The chocolate sadly is not vegan.  I just cant bring myself to spend $7+ on a bag of chocolate chips.

I also made some coconut milk vanilla ice cream to be served with it.  I used this recipe again, Vegan Coconut Ice Cream but just omitted the raspberries and only used 1/3-1/2 cup of sugar.

Yes Im bringing my plant based foods to friends but desserts should be fine and hopefully they wont be able to taste the difference.  And there is one gal who cant have dairy so hopefully she can partake in this.


My Heartstring came out with a new chart for market and when she posted a view on her blog I knew I needed it for a Christmas gift

The Stars are Brightly Shining


I started mine on Sat and here is how far Ive gotten


I traded out all the GAST colors and am using Sullivans floss (DMC numbers used below)


C2C Afghan

Im still working on P’s afghan.  It hasn’t grown much, maybe closer to 70” and Im on another color.  Its on hold while I work on the new cross stitch project and try to get that done for Christmas.  Then I will come back and work on this monster.

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