Sunday, September 29, 2013

New food

I tried to get a post done a week or more ago but G+ photo backups and I had a difference of opinion.  Apparently it didn’t want to save any pics I took with my phone until I did the techno dance (standing on one foot, twirling counter clockwise etc).  So after a day or so the pics appeared.


Now that its sort of getting to fall weather my bod isnt wanting salads for dinner.  I went searching for vegan casseroles.

Last week was vegan shepherds pie by Oh She Glows

My version doesn’t have the dark gravy but I also didn’t have red wine to mix in with the veggies.


Another wonderful find was from LiveLearnLoveEat.  Tiffany did great research on the basic casserole.

Starch – 2 cups
Protein – 2 cups
Veggies – 2 cups
Moisture – 2 cups
Topping – various

The perfect breakdown and works wonderfully!

Over the last couple of weeks we have worked out that mashed potatoes just arent a fave but that cubed potatoes added to the top and then baked (45-60 min @ 375-400 deg) works perfectly.

So with some other non-casserole regulars in the mix, Ive been playing with various matchups and foisting them off on the family.  So far Im lucky to get any possible extras for lunch but can never plan on it.


I have an update on The Stars are Brightly Shining!


Here is where I was a week ago


I had to make a change to my color changes.  The flowers I had at 746 but when stitching them they were a perfect blend with the fabric color – not good.  So I changed it to 3782.  Much better.

Im hoping to stay on track with this so its finished before the end of October for framing.

Other fun stuff

Had to show this pic.  We moved my book case this weekend, making room for other stuff and of course had to unload it to get it moved.

Here is a pic of my home library bereft of shelving


Quite the load.  In placing them back I did go through and culled it a bit.  Sending some books off that I wont ever read or could never finish.  Sadly even with the pile to be sent off to other homes I still didn’t get much real estate for those that remained.

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