Sunday, May 26, 2013

Yummy Treats

Before I begin on the treats – A shout out for Post 1000!

Yep, this here is my 1000th post on this blog.  I started this blog during my last months of college as something to keep my online presence going.  What started out as just a place to spout turned into a place to share my craft updates, sharing info about my life with family far away, keeping friends and family updated on what was happening with my Dad during his battle with Necrotizing Fasciitis, and recently sharing favorite recipes I make for my family.

Thank you for joining in the journey so far and hope you stay along for whatever happens next.


While Ive added a few x’s to various projects, I was battling boredness can you believe it?  It hasn’t been enough to take pics for updates.  I do have a pic of my newest start for Ink Circles RYO 2013.

RYO 2013-Pink 5-26-13

This one is primarily pink with a shock of yellow mixed in.  For those in the Yahoo group, it’s the Pink Easter Egg picture Tracy put up.

There are so many cool color combos people are thinking up and with Tracy getting the pictures added it was hard to just finally take one and go with it.




Tonight we had pizza!  A whole wheat crust with pizza sauce, tofurky pepperoni, seitan with italian seasoning and “cheese” sauce.  D added olives to one, I added fresh spinach to half of mine.  Both were consumed quickly.

“Ice Cream”

Look’n good!  But there isnt a lick of dairy in this bowl*


*I have some mini chocolate chips mixed in there that may have milk

I had a few bananas that were getting close to their shelf life and before they got to only be good for bread or expired I removed the peels, broke them up and froze them.

Great for the boys to have after school smoothies or for what I used them for tonight – Ice Cream!  Take enough frozen pieces to make up for 2-3 bananas (this is more than enough for three people).  Add to a blender and start blending.  Add some vanilla if wanted.  Tonight I added some vanilla almond milk to make it a bit more creamer but its really not needed.  I made this while camping and didn’t have to add anything other than the vanilla.

Tonight we added fresh berries, almond slivers and some mini chocolate chips*.  It all made for a rich, tasty – cold treat.

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