Monday, May 20, 2013

Garden Bounty

Not many x’s have been added to anything over the last couple days and Im sorely missing the relaxation I get from my crafting hobbies.  I was able to spend a couple minutes with my tiny garden tonight, cleaning out unwanted growing things, clipping off leaves and bits that arent going to grow so the energy can be spent elsewhere.


I was out watering and checking out things yesterday and found a bounty of 4 strawberries!  All untouched/eaten by those evil beasts that seem to be beating me to the berries.

May bounty

The perfect amount for each one of us in the house to try.  Today I found two and wasn’t as giving.  Those wonderful small gifts were washed, greenery carefully removed and popped right in my mouth where I enjoyed every bite.


Tonight I made more bean-quinoa burgers and some “sausage”.  Ive posted about the burgers before – tonight I used pinto beans that I soaked over the weekend.  They are another tasty smelling bean when cooking.  The ‘sausage’ is new and no one has tried them yet.  More of me trying to get some extras cooked and ready for whatever and more of what I tried to get done yesterday so I could take a well needed (wanted) break from the kitchen.

Chickpea Tenders

I found this thanks to a good friend recommending Happy Herbivore blog to me.  From there I added the FB page as a fave and found a picture of these on a post

The recipe can be found in her Everyday Happy Herbivore cook book (which I very highly recommend!)

She uses a number of extra mixes (sour cream, poultry seasoning mix, no-chicken broth powder) in this dish that I strongly suggest are made up in advanced.  All the mixes are a mix now, use a little in the recipe you need it for and you’ve saved time for the next recipe – or that’s how it pretty much worked for me the first time I made these.

Vital wheat gluten (Bob’s Red Mill!) is some fun stuff to play with!

Ive made this dish twice and both times they went faster than I could blink. (ok not really but very well received)  Good for lunch, dinner and snacks.  They can be made smaller than chicken breast size – think nuggets, but it does take a while to shape all those little things and the bigger size fits wonderfully on Dave’s Killer bread for a sandwich.

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