Monday, May 27, 2013


Ive been dealing with a doozy of a spring cold the last week, trying my best NOT to share with D but the inevitable seems to have happened.  My hope is his version wont knock him as hard as mine did to me.  Last Thurs and Fri were the worst and Im still dealing with head/sinus pain, stuffy nose and wonderful asthma side-effects.


P has found a fave drink in herbal tea.  He has found over the last year or so that caffeine is evil to him and causes massive headaches.  So out goes most tea I like (mmm chai), soft drinks and coffee (which wasn’t a problem as he never liked it).  So now he is on a mission to find other teas he might like as well as looking at what herbs we can grow so he can make his own.


After scouting for a new quilt for our bed, D and I ended up at Whole Foods for hopefully the final bits needed for the weekly food-stuffs.  And since it was lunch time we decided to try out their salad bar.

I was able to try the following bits; 

  • Grilled Fennel - ick
  • Grilled Sweet Potato - come on, Sweet Potatoes!!  Yumm
  • Grilled Green Cauliflower – very tasty
  • Grilled Asparagus – same area as the sweet potato but this could have been screwed up.  Happy to say it rocked
  • Grilled Brussel sprout – I don’t recall ever having brussel sprouts before.  Heard good and bad – pretty much either you love them or hate them.  D is secure in his hate corner.  To tell the truth Im secure on the meh fence.  They must have been cooked correctly as they didn’t suck but nothing I have to rush back for (unlike the sweet potatoes, asparagus and cauliflower)
  • Kale with Garlic Tahini dressing – Ive seen this and its always looked yummy.  O M G!!  Im now on the look out for the dressing (which I may have found) so I can have this without the $9/lb Whole Foods salad price.
  • Other stuffs – fresh spinach, peas, corn, black beans, carrots, red grapes.  All plain.

D shared some of his tofu bits (chicken like fingers in hot wing sauce and one in balsamic vinegar) and they were pretty good too.

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