Friday, May 31, 2013


Ugg.  I like bit between spring and summer, when the weather is really trying to get warm but those damn cold fronts that sneak by and cause cold rain after you are just getting happy with the warm are killers.


Im still dealing with the cold and its playing with my losses.  Of course when you are sick, you don’t want to eat and you really don’t want to exercise.  Add issues with metatarsalgia on my right foot and it starts a spiral in the wrong direction.

I havent gained much but did toss myself into a wall.  Im pampering my feet; new shoes, bigger size and arch supports, are helping a ton.  Ive been able to get back into walking more and should be back to walking with D in the morning.

My exercising is getting a boost with getting back to walking with D, the challenge with Mel (#walkwithmel)  and mapping out good walking routes around the office which are giving me a good reason to get out at lunch time.


I finally got around to try the dressing that was a match to Whole Foods garlic tahini dressing.  Its not the same, but close and very, very tasty.  I made it tonight and had it with mini kale, spinach and chard salad with a tofu sausage.  Perfect dinner.

Please visit Brittany Mullins’ site for this recipe and others.

Other muchy news, the Doritos popcorn topping is still a HUGE hit in the house.  Im asked to make popcorn on a regular basis.  I need to make sure I take this camping.  Could take over from smor’s (ok, not really but had to make sure you were paying attention)

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