Friday, June 7, 2013

Getting out

I kicked ass this week.  Since last Sat, Ive walked almost 20 miles.  One day was over 4.5 miles.  Sadly, no more numbers to share as Im still stuck on a wall.

I know something is moving as my pants and shirts are starting to feel too big.

To help kick the active bug in gear I got a Fitbit One, which tracks steps, distance, calories spent, very active minutes throughout the day, weight, food (if I enter it) and how well I sleep.  Too bad it wont do laundry!

Below is what my fitbit dashboard looks like for today. I wasn’t able to get out for a good walk at lunch or I could have hit the 10,000 step goal and the 5 mile goal for today


Tomorrow Im off for a walk to the local farmers market, that’s a good 2 mile walk; there – around the stalls – and back home.


Ink Circles’ RYO has been a wonderful project for the train.  Im still plugging on the outline on the first pattern, almost 1/2 way complete


I need to get plugging on the Sheep Virtues too.  Im behind on these.  Courage only has 4 x’s added and I just got Faith last weekend. Im planning on some downtime this summer to be able to kick back and ply needle and thread to fabric.

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