Sunday, April 7, 2013

mmm Oatmeal

Breakfast – its important and something I good at pestering the minions to partake in daily.  The problem is how to get them a good breakfast and not what amounts to a cup of sugar?

In part of our eating better and mostly whole grains and foods, their regular cereal has made the cut list.  Way too much sugar and fillers (and that was Multi-grain Cheerios!).

So other than making my own granola, which at this time is too many steps but I still plan on making some one day, I went the steel cut oat route.

Before you curl your lips in disgust, steel cut oats do have a chew factor (best way I can describe it) and isnt a pile of mush.  Both kids are more than tolerant of the stuff and I can make a double batch in an evening and its enough to last three of us for a couple days (D is just not going to oatmeal of any kind).

The toppings for this breakfast dish are uncountable.  I like mine a bit sweeter and will add almond milk, pumpkin puree, coconut shavings, and dried fruit.  P loves adding chicken and cheese with his.  DL would add a bag of chocolate chips if allowed, which defeats the purpose of a healthier breakfast.

Ive been using Bob’s Red Mill, original Steel Cut and the Quick Cooking Steel Cut oats.  Its hard finding anything from Coach locally, and Bobs is pretty much in town (really – with the outlet store and all)

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