Saturday, April 6, 2013

Ya, I remember you

P spent a good part of his spring break reminding the blackberries taking over our yard, who was boss.  I am amazed at how much light now is available in the back yard now.

And now more easily we can see our neighbors (yikes)

P, DL and I took most of the yard debris to a recycling place this afternoon.  I would have taken it all but mutiny ensued and I relented and took most of the lot.  The skies were kind and waited until we were on our way before opening up and dumping on the world.

Now after getting home and eating the wonderful dinner D made while we were out and a nice warm/hot shower, my muscles are letting me know they are not appreciative of their treatment.

On other yard news, Home Depot has a great deal on Bonnie plants, 5 for $10.  I got 10 strawberry plants that I will be planting in the tall raised planter we used for tomatoes last year.  Im hoping the slugs and other evil beasties will keep away.  I also got some landscape timber to use in place of raised beds this year.  As much as I want to have raised beds or use straw bales, its just not in the budget.  And I really need to get going on planting for the year.

Tomorrow, the strawberries need to be planted into their new home, the remaining yard debris will be smashed into the weekly yard bin and homes looked at for the garden beds.

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