Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Long Week

Its been one of those weeks that never seem to want to end.  Mornings taking forever and afternoons going quickly and evenings dripping by.


Sadly I havent been able/wanting to stitch much, or when I think about getting needle and thread together its close enough to bed time that I just don’t get anything out.

But tonight I got the two together and added x’s to LHN PeaceLHN Peace 4-17-13

My sheep now has legs, a bit of grass to stand on and the beginnings of a tree trunk to rub against


The sun this past weekend allowed me to update my “where does the sun shine” pictures for where to plant.  Thanks to the construction at the neighbors (they took out all shrubbery and trees) and P’s destruction of the evil blackberries, I have tons of more light in places I didn’t have last year – so new pictures were a must.

My goal this year is to get pictures taken monthly during the growing season (April – Nov) and see where the sun hits so I can get the most out of my plantings.  Why go through Nov?  Im hoping to be able to plant a winter garden and keep the fresh and cheaper foods (cause I grew them) growing.  Maybe with a small covering – greenhouse style, I can make that happen.


Whole foods are still the main for eats these days.  D and I are having fun tossing foods in a pan with whatever spices and oils and liquids come to mind.  So far so good as in we havent made anything that was too horrible to eat.  In fact, the boys have been scarfing up everything.  D makes a mean onion & mushroom’s.  P has been taking those in his lunches.  I tossed white beans (don’t remember exactly what I had, just white) with long grain rice/quinoa mix with evoo, vinegar (balsamic & acv), various spices and turmeric.  Its also been a fave and I need to make more tomorrow.

I mixed up another pesto.  This one was a mix of spinach and cilantro with pumpkin and sunflower seeds and almond slivers and more quac.  No cheese – I know!  I was shocked myself cause parmesan is so yummy but it really didn’t need it with all the seeds and almonds.  Its soo bright green, I took a pic to show.


I used it in a spaghetti/white bean dish for the ‘sauce’ that was scarfed up by the minions.


  1. Very cool about the garden and mapping the sunny spots. Bravo on the clean eating too. I should do better here myself.
    Cute sheep!

  2. Your sheep is very cute and I love the colour of the pesto.Did it taste nice?