Monday, April 22, 2013

More Goodness

While I need to get photos of what I worked on this weekend for IHSW I have other goodies to show.


I have strawberries!  ok, no you wouldn’t want to pop these tidbits in your mouth as Im sure they would be sour as all get out but Ive got them regardless.


Now for the wait until they are their wonderfully red strawberry-selves and ready for savoring.  Ive had to lay down the law and send the notice out to the minions that the first one is MINE.  Seems totally fair to me.

And yes the poor things still need to be planted – I have excuses galore.  I have a goal to get them done this week so they are in their happy homes to send out more new shoots and roots during the sunny weeks to come.


Black beans were cooked yesterday and I couldn’t wait to make them into some lunch goodness. 


So I poured a cup or so into a bowl, mashed most, added some of the white bean and rice mix from last week (mashing a bit more) then added about 2 tbsp guacamole, 2 tbsp pesto, dash of acv, dash of lemon juice, and sprinkled some shredded cheese.  Mix thoroughly and refrigerate.

Then when ready for lunch, scoop out enough for two slices of bread (Dave’s Killer bread is the family fave) and microwave for 30 sec (no more as it would get too hot).  This is really to melt the cheese.

Spread a bit on a slice of bread, fold in half and enjoy.

I had two “sandwich-halves” and am completely stuffed!  But as this is mostly plant-based Im expecting to be hungry again around 2-3 so I brought more bread for just in case.

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