Saturday, April 13, 2013

Big Clean Out

It took a family gathering at the house and the need to rid the nooks and crannies of items we shouldn’t and don’t want to eat any more AND a day off to really get most of the kitchen clean.  Spring Cleaning at its finest.

The fridge looked bare by the time I was done tossing out items we arent eating anymore and just plan doing a cleaning that should have been done months ago.  Its amazing how a small-ish cupboard can create so many worm-hole like areas where food items are taken and never seen of again until you take the time and remove everything to clean.  That’s not to include the mysterious goop that always seems to materialize on the back wall from something you have no clue and is near impossible to clean off without a jack-hammer (which you do not want to use on your fridge)

Next was the junk cupboard.  Can you believe 99% of the items in there were tossed yesterday?  Lots of items ready for recycling.  Gave me the space I needed for additional cookware that didn’t fit anywhere and was blocking space on my counters.

The final area that I was able to tackle was the top “pantry” cupboard.  Its another area that worm-holes seem to appear and hid items purchased for specific dishes that never seemed to get made.  I wont mention how old I found some of the things tossed.  But now I have two boxes.  One for the garbage (Items too old for consumption) and one for the food bank. 

There are a few other areas that need similar lookings through but I had to call it a day.  The counters were cleaned off, stove top scrubbed, stainless-steel items wiped down and windows cleaned.  Lots of vinegar used through out all areas, making the kitchen smell really clean.

With the sun shining through the windows this morning, watching it in a clean kitchen makes me feel good.

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