Thursday, April 4, 2013


Its official – Ive seen my first bumble bee of the year, Spring has sprung!

Well, that was at least a week or so ago and I wasn’t able to get a pic of the fuzzy beast but it was a wonderful sight.

I did get a wonderful picture of my annual daffodils, before they went bye-bye or someone cut and took them


I think they have split themselves or I have a couple other groups of some sort of flowers coming up on either side of them.  See what happens when clippers are taken to ugly bushes.

Another bloom – My Thanksgiving cactus is still tossing out blooms here and there, totally ignoring the season we are currently in.  Will be fun to see if it continues this until next November.


Something New

I couldn’t take the pressure anymore.  The screaming from Violet’s Blue was too much and I had to start it.

So here is how it looked before I found the MASSIVE frog plague and had to rip everything (except for the one lonely heart) out. 


Counting people – it’s a tough thing some times.

I do have to say Im loving the colors I picked for this project.  Now I cant wait to fix the issue and get more colors added to get an even better effect.

WIPocalypse Update

Combining this post with my monthly WIP update.  March was a slow month for me and x’s.  I only worked on a couple.

Frank N Boo

This is almost done, backstitching, french knots and buttons left.  So why cant I just get it across the darn finish line?!?  Must be afraid of the spiders

Frank N Boo 4-4-13

LHN Love

This little one has been a plague of its own.  Missing three colors, no fault but me not being able to read the darn chart.  This one has the same issue that Holly and Berries with the light color and 30ct WDW fabric.  I just do not like how the two mix.  But Im trying to plow through it and get it finished.

Love 4-4-13

Whew – That’s all the updating I have for now.  Hopefully I wont be so long next time.


  1. Your stitching looks great. What you call the Thanksgiving Cactus we call Christmas Cactus. Mine bloom twice a year - once in Nov/Dec and again in the spring sometime between April and June.

    1. My silly plant did bloom in Nov but its been sending me a couple of blooms a month since then. Just goofy. Fits in with the family :)

  2. Some lovely stitching! I also call the cactus a Christmas Cactus...