Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wading through the mess

Still working through this whole Reader mess.

Thanks to a wonderful comment from Heather yesterday I took another look at Feedly, trying to see what was up with my Reader feeds into that Chrome extension.

What I found is the “Blogs You Follow” list is a big part of the problem.  Feedly cant place them in a happy list for me to manipulate and it was the biggest part of what I read.

So tonight I sat down and did what I should have earlier and cleaned up the original list of blogs so now if I move on to any other reader, the list imported will be clean.  After tossing old blogs, the remainder that hadnt been “filed” got filed.  Downside is Reader is a but mucked up about all the re-filing but screw it as its out in a few – right?

Now Im waiting for Feedly to get the kick in the pants and notice that Ive changed/rearranged my blogs in Reader so I can play around with the settings.

I do hope the postings Im sharing of my blog reader trials is helpful for someone other than just me.

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