Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Only Wednesday?

Cant it be Thursday cause then tomorrow would be Friday and I will have what?

Time to spend cleaning the house?

Time to work in the yard and prep for a garden?

Time to add x’s to a project?

All the above!  Although I agree the whole cleaning house thing is not on my top ten of fun things to do but is a necessary evil.  The plan is to really get to “spring cleaning” room by room, Living room is on the block for this weekend.  Nice that the whole family is involved as I hate the “we” phrases that get tossed and then nothing happens.  Oh, ‘We” need to clean X.  Right.  I will get started on that – Not!  Will be interesting to see if the We does come out this weekend.

The yard needs tending to so new growth can happen. It was too cold and wet and I just did not want to go out and deal with the blackberries this winter.  Best time for it to happen and yup – I was too lazy to get it done.  So now comes time to start clipping.

Adding any x’s would be nice.  Working on Frank N Boo during lunch today and I found a wee bitty frog (grrr).  So as I had all the necessary items to get stated on Love Virtue, I did.  Then tonight the FnB frog must have had a friend, mate, sibling, whatever and infested Love Virtue.  What is this rudeness! So I may be starting my weekend in the negatives while I clean out this infestation mess.


Well after all that work getting Bloglovin setup I do have to say Im not happy about the lag of new posts from blogs Im following.  I can see new posts in Reader but they don’t show up in my Bloglovin feed.  Its taking about 15-30 min for the feed to figure out there are new posts – not happy.

I disabled Feedly from my Chrome as I didn’t like its grabby-ness on everything.

Netvibes seems to be having the same issues as Bloglovin with the lag in grabbing new posts BUT it did import all my feeds and place them in the folders as I had in Reader.  Of course I need to do clean up of old blogs as I only did that in Bloglovin

A big part of me is really hoping Reader going away is just an early April Fools joke or Google has a big update that really doenst suck and that’s what we will get come July.  Cause the “readers” Ive been playing with don’t give me what I have in Reader and don’t really give me the ability to make it “Reader” like.  Biggest item on my issues list is the snippets of posts you are allowed to read on their site.  To read the whole thing you have to open a new page which may open the blog in their site or go directly to the blog to read the whole post.  That’s Why I Have a RSS Reader!  So I don’t have to open a bazillion blogs to read different posts!! 


So the search is still on for a Reader replacement…I may just make one of my own and toss it up on my own site (web, not blog) so I can manipulate it to my hearts content.  I just don’t want to have to deal with the possible maintenance that will bring.

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  1. Just one comment, since I've been using can change the interface so it's more like Reader, in case you have not seen this post:

    Also, not being able to see the whole RSS feed may not be entirely the reader's fault...the owner of the feed can set whether or not to show the entire post in the feed. They may only make a "condensed" or truncated feed available.

    But I am with stinks that Reader is going away!!