Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Getting Better

Its been a long week + with Loki.  Scary with cats cause you just cant get them to do what you want or need them to do. 

Little sucker is supposed to get his water intake.  They love the mushy food, which Ive been adding water too (sneaky).  I have to watch Lilith cause she will mow Loki aside and inhale it all.  Its taking them a bit to get used to or deal with the new dry food.  The water intake has been a bit more tricky.  But thanks to meds he had to take after surgery, I have a handy dropper to use (muhahaha).

He gave me a scare this Monday, very listless, not eating, drinking or being at all his Loki-self.  Of course when I take him to the Vet, he is just fine and dandy, figures.  Today brings him a bit further along, getting back to “Loki”


Ive put Holly & Berries on the back burner.  Im just not happy with how the stitches are laying and thinking its due to the count, although 30ct should be just fine.  Its going to the “not doing it now” pile for the time being and may be pulled back out in a few months.

I picked Frank & Boo Photobooth by Bent Creek.

  Frank n Boo 2-26-11

Last worked on in 2011, I now have Boo mostly done and have been working on Frank.  I will post an updated pic later this week.

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