Thursday, March 14, 2013


As most of you know – Reader is going.  Its taken me a bit to get to grips of the situation, get my many blogs download in prep to move and now comes the shopping for a new blog reader home.


Lifehacker has a small list of possibles and will be running a article this weekend sharing more.

My needs are more than just a simple place to read through all my feeds but to have the ability to access it from anywhere.  And now with most freebie blogs blocked for my protection at work, any non-Google reader Im expecting to be blocked as well so I want/need the ability to scroll through them from my phone and tablet.

I will be looking forward to see what readers Lifehacker comes up with.

So far Ive hooked up with Feedly, which pulled in my feeds from Reader and they are working to keep them running after Reader goes dark.

Im trying hard to say away from anything that requires or heavily suggests logging in using FB or Twitter accounts.

Other Stuff

Im still stitching Frank N Boo and have the latest Sheep Virtues waiting in on stage right to take its place when Im done.

P has a play this week and the crunch weeks are murder on the family schedule.  I don’t know how families with crazy multiple schedules – people going everywhere at the same time do it. 

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