Tuesday, February 26, 2013

WIPocaylpse Update–Feb

Its been another good month of finishes.  I hit a wall with Holly & Berries and the snow .  I had the snow 1/2 way done but it was U G L Y and it had to go.  My only new start so far this year was LHN’s Hope.

Dragon of Air – Finished 1/29/2013

Dragon of Air 1-29-13 Finish

Dragon of Water – Finished 2/8/2013


Merry and Bright – Finished 2/13/2013

Merry and Bright 2-13-13 finish_thumb[10]

Hope – Finished 2/17/2013

Hope 2-17-13 Finish[10]

Holly & Berries – Current WIP

Holly and Berries 2-26-13