Monday, February 25, 2013

Winding down

The posting seems to be winding down but there’s been so much going on that I need rest to get caught up.


Loki is back home!  We had some quiet time, lots of purring and kneading and then crashing.  Poor little guy is stuck with the cone of shame until his post-op visit later this week.


My want to do raw food with either of them has taken a back seat as Lilith flat out refuses and Loki is just wanting to eat dry.  So until I can get things back to somewhat normal, they will be on a mix of dry/wet foods that are ok for Loki to eat (help keep the ph to a norm)


I am way behind sharing new dinners Ive inflicted on the troops.  One day I may have a gaggle of posts just to get caught up.  Some of the meals include Ranch Pork and Ninja Cooker spaghetti.


I have done nothing pretty much since Loki went to the vet.  Lots to study up on and think about and stitching was just not going to get me in the zone I needed to be in.  Plus Holly & Berries is driving me crazy.  The “snow” is not stitching how I want, looks way to sparse and splitty.  3 strands is too heavy and 2 is too light.  Not sure how I could manage 2 1/2 strands – anyone?  Its enough to make me want to pull out another project but Im still determined to stick with one at a time.


Since the issues with Loki, my TMJ has made a hella nasty return.  It’s a form of my bod telling me there is too much stress for it to deal with so it will do this or muscle spasm to let me know to CUT IT OUT.  Not much I can do but chill out, craft and get rid of whats causing the stress.  Im hoping that having Loki back will start thing back to happy.

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