Saturday, February 9, 2013

Silly Pets

There are times I really love having pets and today was one of them.  Im still pretty much stuck under the weather and Lilith has done her kitteh best to keep me laughing.

She doesn’t play fetch often but when she does its funny and I don’t want to just brush it aside.  Today’s fetch toy was ends of a pink paracord bracelet that D made.  He ties the ends in knots for the cats to play with until they are frayed.  They are one of Lilith’s favorite toys.


(I got my pink thing!)

Yesterday she decided to wrap herself up in an afghan and I mean wrapped up. I pulled the blanket back for this photo.

I thought it had fallen off the place I had it until I felt there was a body inside the lump.

Silly girl


  1. Me sees an Acorns and Thread bag in that picture...

    1. That you do Sonda :) Gonna try and make it to more Saturdays in summer this year