Sunday, February 10, 2013


What a difference a day makes!  This was me yesterday


Well, maybe except for the drool Smile with tongue out

Im feeling a bit more human today.  Sneezing my head off and chasing my nose but more human.

Merry & Bright

I found I need more floss bobbins before I can get started on LHN Hope so I pulled out another WIP to work on.

Merry & Bright is by Little by Little Design from the 2007 JSC Christmas Ornament mag.

It was part of my 2011 CJC and that’s pretty much the last time I touched it.


Merry and Bright 1-3-11


Merry and Bright 2-10-13


I had much grander plans for dinner today as it is Sunday and leaves me more time to play around but me and my bad-feeling-much-better-self went shopping.  I cannot believe how much it wore me out.  I went down for a “quick” nap and woke up 3 hrs later!

So Mac & Cheese with ground turkey and veggies for the troops.  They don’t mind this meal one bit and it leaves plenty for D and Minion the elder’s lunches the next day.


Speaking of shopping I need to make a shout out for Portland Fruit Co.  They have a new-er West Side store open and I love going in for my veggies & fruit.

Posted Image

I picked up some HUGE Honey Crisp apples today, planning on having those for lunch this week.

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  1. I hope that you are feeling better!
    That market looks amazing!