Saturday, January 26, 2013

WIPocalypse Jan Update

A new year and a New Full Moon WIPocalypse to help clear out the WIPs.

Counting my WIPs and I have way too many to list.  So far Ive been attacking one WIP at a time and doing my best to finish it before I get started on the next.  I am hoping any big issues are easy to take care of and that I don’t toss more to the grounded pile.

Even with the extreme number of WIPs I am planning on starting LHN’s Sheep Virtues this year.  In my mind they should be small enough for me to finish with the month of getting them from my LNS.  With those, I have a few other charts that I would love to start but I really need to finish those WIPs.  I need the space Smile

This has been a good moon for finishes!

Stained Glass Pine – finished 12/25/12


Spring Blooms – finished 1/5/13


BBD Farm House – finished 1/18/13


Dragon of Earth – finished 1/21/13


Current WIP

Began as


Now its at

Dragon of Air 1-26-13